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Your Italian Teacher

Francesca Foggetti

Senior Italian Instructor

Ciao! I am Francesca, a native Italian speaker. I was born and raised in Italy and currently live in Boston. I have a master's degree and a certificate in teaching Italian. I teach in a fun, conversational, and social way. I am looking forward to being a part of your Italian-speaking journey.

The Italian Mind Basic Italian Course

Bite-sized Italian Lessons with Lifetime Access

    1. What you'll learn in Section Two of Basic Italian with The Italian Mind

    2. Section Two - Italian Vocabulary

    3. Dialogue 2: Chatting in the Cafè with Francesca

    4. Italian Verb Introduction with -ARE Conjugations (-ERE & -IRE Too)

    5. -ARE Verbs Exercise

    6. -ERE Verbs Exercise

    7. -IRE Verbs Exercise

    8. Join your FREE weekly live online lesson with Francesca

    9. How to Say No in Italian and the use of the Negative (with a comparison to an affirmative sentence)

    10. Descriptive Adjectives in Italian

    11. Adjective Exercise

    12. Basic Questions in Italian

    13. Basic Questions Exercise

    14. 1 to 1,000 in Italian showing form changes

    15. How to Tell Time in Italian

    16. More Time Expressions in Italian

    17. Days of the Week in Italian + What are you doing today

    18. Days of the week exercise

    19. Months of the Year in Italian + Weather, Seasons, Holidays, & Ferragosto

    1. What you'll Learn in Section Three of Basic Italian with The Italian Mind

    2. Section Three - Vocabulary

    3. Dialogue Three - At the Train Station with Francesca

    4. Irregular verbs - like dare, andare, fare, stare, uscire, venire

    5. Irregular Verbs Exercise

    6. Fill in the Blank with the Correct Irregular Verb in the Correct Irregular Conjugated Form

    7. Capire, Finire, Preferire and other -ISC verbs

    8. -ISC Verbs Exercise

    9. Even More Italian Verbs: -iare, -care, -gare

    10. Sapere & Conoscere

    11. Choose Between Sapere and Conoscere exercise

    12. Fill in the Blanks with the Proper Form of Sapere or Conoscere

    13. The Partitive (Some) = The Preposition Di + the Article

    14. Partitive Exercise

    15. Which Form of Di is Correct? Choose between the di (of the) and Partitive Some

    16. C'è, Ci Sono, +Molto (There is, There are, + Molto as an adjective and an adverb)

    17. C'e, Ci Sono & Molto Exercise

    18. Complete the Sentence with the Correct Form of c'è or ci sono

    19. Choose the Correct Form of Molto (as an adjective or as an adverb)

    1. What You'll Learn in Section Four of Basic Italian with the Italian Mind

    2. Section Four - Vocabulary

    3. Dialogue Four - At Nonna's House with Francesca

    4. Possessive Pronouns, Adjectives and Family in Italian

    5. Possessive Adjective Exercise

    1. What You'll Learn in Section Five of Basic Italian with the Italian Mind

    2. Section Five - Vocabulary

    3. Dialogue Five - At the Hotel in Florence

    4. City Vocabulary and Adjectives to Describe your City

    5. Describe your City Exercise

    6. What is a preposition?

    7. Italian Preposition (Simple & Compound) Overview

    8. Preposition -A

    9. Preposition -In

    10. -A vs -IN in Italian

    11. Choose between the -A and -IN prepositions

    12. The Modal Verbs Dovere, Potere, Volere

    13. Modal Verbs Exercise

    14. Questions with Prepositions in Italian (part one)

    15. Questions, Directions, & Prepositions Exercise

Bite-Sized Italian lessons

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